Modernizing Enterprise Platforms and Teams

Modernizing Enterprise Platforms and TeamsModernizing Enterprise Platforms and TeamsModernizing Enterprise Platforms and Teams

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Modern APIs

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering


No matter what your integration needs are, our Modern API team helps you find the right technologies for your organization. We migrate valuable data off of legacy applications, implement microservice architectures, thus enabling organizations to be more responsive and innovative. We collaborate with your organization on microservice best practices, CI/CD, and cloud-native architectures, which allows us to unlock the best return on your investment.

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering


Platform engineering requires technical expertise combined with the skill to navigate the cultural change necessary to adopt a DevOps mindset. Becurity develops platform strategies that reduce operational costs and supercharge development pipelines. We develop highly available, loosely coupled, and resilient systems using the latest in cloud provider technologies.






Our Web engineers are working on state-of-the-art projects for startups and Fortune 500s and have a keen awareness of how unique users want to access our applications. Our approach to developing modern frontend interfaces for our partners results in higher quality applications while expanding skillsets for clients’ existing teams.





Our team of Mobile Engineers works with clients to build engaging user experiences while tailoring solutions to the needs of their ever-changing user expectations. Interfaces are developed with unique users in mind, empowering users, and ensuring that their objectives are clear. Our developers understand how and where our users do their work.

Unique Approach. Proven Process.


Becurity takes an outcome-driven approach to software development. We zero in on business priorities to deliver working software that accomplishes unique business objectives while we train your company’s workforce for the future.

Collaboration and Consensus Building

Modern technology requires a modern approach. So we start the process with the right DevOps team to ensure that production operations and software development work together early on. Most software projects require input from a variety of stakeholders and our team is good at bringing consensus to move projects forward. From inception to transition, we partner with our IT counterparts to elevate their team along with the business.

Communication and Meaningful Metrics

The team-lead effectively frames expectations and tracks projects using meaningful metrics to create value so stakeholders can see progress. We introduce enough process to communicate progress towards milestones while reducing time spent on administrative tasks that take the team away from building and innovating.

Iterative Process

The solution delivery team combines modern software development practices with a disciplined iterative delivery approach to create code that easily deploys to production. User-story mapping prioritizes the work into concise, sizeable chunks. Our goal is to articulate specific steps and frame a clear outcome.

We follow an Agile Methodology to improve our project success rate. But we incorporate each client’s development strategies that make sense. The OPI software team strives to understand your company’s culture and strengthen your software team.

It is no surprise that organizations need support to modernize or add new features to existing systems, but the real shocker how broken some of the so-called "solutions" really are.


Our services—from consulting to support to training—enhance the likelihood of overcoming the kind problems that would delay or prevent your organizations from achieving full return on investment. We help our customers accelerate the rate at which they reap the benefits from their investments in technology and accomplish their mission.


The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. That's why our goal is to provide highly performant and resilient systems that align with your organization's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.


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